About Me

I love beautiful things- especially when others can enjoy it, too.  Designing is my passion.  I almost always have someone in mind when I am creating a new pattern or designing an invitation or stationery.  I love creating something beautiful that can be enjoyed by the recipient and then shared with their loved ones. 
My inspiration came from my Mama Dory.  Receiving hand-written letters on small printed-paper with flower vignettes on the side while I was away at school was a major highlight in my life.  In a world of e-mail and texting, (something that my grandma does not know how to do) receiving something tangible, addressed to you is a special moment.  You know that person took the time to sign, seal and deliver a little token of himself or herself to you.  I still keep all the letters my Mama Dory sends to me.  Knowing that I could have an opportunity to provide a passage for more letters to be sent and memories to be created is astounding.  I want to create beautiful pieces that can be shared by grandmother-granddaughter, old college roommates, neighbors and everyone else that cares about each other. 
I graduated from BYU in Psychology in 2008 and I started “designing” in 2008 when I put together my son’s baby announcement.  I have come a long way since then.  I have taught myself a lot and taken classes from Nicole’s Classes that have fine-tuned my skills.  I wake up everyday yearning to create something new and special.  I am still a full time mom and work from home when my kids are napping or in bed for the night.  My job as a mother always comes first, but it is important to me to have something for myself- something else that brings me satisfaction and accomplishment.  What started out as a hobby-has turned into a part-time business that I absolutely love waking up to everyday.

**I also love waking up to chocolate (anything but dark) and reminiscing with DMB.  I love movies and cuddling and could have never done this without the help of my husband, who is incredibly supportive and my #1 fan, and my kids as they inspire the “fun and carefree” side of me.  

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