Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello, Baby. Goodbye, Friends.

The Hello: A friend of mine is having her first baby pretty soon.  I saw this quote on Pinterest and thought it was so perfect.  She likes elephants and used some in her nursery, so I incorporated both.  I hope she and her new baby like it! Welcome Baby Stevens!

The Goodbye: Our dear friends are moving to Australia.  Ashton loves their little girls and was so sad about them moving.  He doesn't quite understand why they have to leave.  To make the transition a little easier, I made some cards for them to write to us about their new adventures. They could be like pen pals!  Good luck to the Tupou family on their new adventures! We will miss you and your crazy humor.   You guys are one of the most wonderful, generous and hilarious people ever.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As the spouse of a BYU MBA student, we get to do a lot of cool things.  One is participate with the National Advisory Council (NAC).  They had a luncheon last Friday that included a wonderful speaker, Virginia Pearce. She is the daughter of our late Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley.  I will go into what she spoke of in a later post, but just the fact that I was in the same "room" (we were outside) as her was incredible.  I really loved President Hinckley.  I felt like he understood and loved the youth of the church...back when I was a youth! He made such an impact on my life that I named my firstborn son after him: Ashton Hinckley. 
It is funny how things come together.  For school, Ashton had to find out why he was named what he was.  I told him about President Hinckley and how much Daddy and I loved him, even though we never met him.  We told him he was a wonderful and spiritual man.  He was funny, silly and so in love with his wife, Marjorie.  He was well spoken and respectful of others, especially those in the media.  Ashton enjoyed hearing about this and was able to share what he could remember about the man he was named after.  The next day, to my surprise, I met President Hinckley's daughter.  As cheesy as it may sound, I told her that I admired her father and named our son after him.  She was grateful and gracious showing the slight sorrow of a daughter who missed her dad.  She signed my book and took a picture with me.  She is the closest I will have ever gotten to President Hinckley.  It just goes to show that you can leave a great legacy.  It is just a great a privilege to meet a child/grandaughter/etc. of a greatly loved person.
I think it is important to have something to live up to- to not taint your namesake- to make them proud and be proud of your origins.

Mine isn't that cool- my parents named me after an actress they liked.....if you know me, I am extremely shy in public- so there goes that namesake!
Who are you guys named after?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Manly Stuff

Happy October!  I cannot believe it is fall already!  School has already started and the nights are getting chillier.  I love love love sweater season! 

Anyway, my husband is in the middle of applying for internships.  He is getting his MBA from BYU and they sent a flyer home (haha I feel like I am his mom) for business cards.  While they are professional looking....they look boring.  I thought about asking him to let me design his cards, but I didn't have to because he asked me first!  Let me tell you how wonderful it felt because I felt like he actually likes my work!  He always tells me he does and is super supportive of my little business but for him to actually ask me proved he was a fan.  So, I revised a business card I did for my homework while taking Nicole's Classes.  I think they look professional but are bold and sure to stand out.  At least, I hope.  I ordered these from here and added the Spot UV coating- which is why it is glossy and is slightly embossed.

He is also sending thank you cards to his interviewers and asked me to make him some manly thank you notes.  I wanted to incorporate his manliness as well as his passion for the outdoors.  He previously had picked out this card.  He decided it wasn't macho enough for him (I am making him sound chauvinistic- and he is not even at all!).  I made some drafts of potential cards and this is what we came up with:

For those of you that know Lorin, he is obsessed with mountains.  Any and all mountains.  We have lived in Utah for almost 10 years and he still looks at the Wasatch mountains in awe every time we drive by them- which is everyday because they are huge and go along the highway...for forever....

What do you guys think?