Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY: Valentine Ribbon Bunting Garland & A Revelation

I love crafts. I haven't crafted in quite a while because whenever I tried, a little child would wake up or need me or just mess it up.  So...I stopped.  My house has been looking a little bare since Christmas was put away, so I decided I should make a little something.  THEN I realized that I should just involve my kids in the crafts I make.  I can get my creativeness out whilst playing with and teaching the little ones.  Why oh why hadn't I thought of this before? I mean we've made crafts before but they've all been kind of kitschy and childish.  Of course, I still want to make those sorts of projects because little kids can only do so much, but I want them more involved in my forte. Does that make sense to anyone else? Anyway, by the time I gathered my supplies and set up, my youngest 2 were out.  Just me and Ashton were left to take on the easiest project ever.....and it was free.  You guys can try and tackle it:

Cut some string. Cut some ribbon. Tie them on in whatever random order you choose. Hang up. And voila.

Yummm. I love the different textures!

Look at this face!! He is so proud- as am I! He did this one on his own!
I organized them for those of you with OCD.


 For more detailed instructions, here ya go:
1. Cut string to your desired length. I cut about 9 ft.
2. Cut enough ribbon to spread out through string (I cut 37 total using 7 different materials: ribbon and fabric about 4" long).  I spaced them out about 1.5".
3. Tie them on- a single knot will do. At this point I taught Ashton how to tie so if you are doing this project solo it should take you about a million years faster....but you won't get that proud grin from your lovely (and stubborn) little one!
4. Hang wherever you please.

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