Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

I know I know. Valentine's Day is over- but you guys should know by now I take forever to post stuff....next week will be Christmas photos :)

I designed several Valentine's Day cards so Ashton could have some cool options- little did I know that he would change his mind a gazillion times. Seriously- this kid is nuts.  I reeeeallly tried to convince him to do the dinosaur ones, but he thought the bugs were cooler.  YUCK. They seriously gave me the heebedy jeebedies. In any case, I gave in and I had to just close my eyes and touch as little as possible while tying them to the cards.  Ashton did a great job with the hole punch....and playing with the bugs.  He also wanted to make necklaces for his teachers (and his BFF) so he beaded these all by himself! How sweet is my baby?

For my love, I designed this card (freebie!) because we like being more silly than romantic.  You guys, my husband seriously loves maps.  Funny story: (and slightly embarrassing) One time we went out to eat at some restaurant with some friends.  Lorin had to use the bathroom- right as we were leaving, of course- and we waited FOREVER. Like 20 minutes. I totally knew he had gotten distracted by something. When he came out we all gave him a hard time and he was like "what?" like it was no big deal. Turns out there was a vintage map in the bathroom and he just stared at it and followed all the roads to see where they led and where the lakes were and blah blah blah. Sooo, now you all know how much I love my husband- as much as he loves maps.

 OK.....almost done. For their Babba, we made this hand print set that didn't quite turn out like I imagined in my over-thinking brain.  I thought the paint would be more distinguishable between each handprint....but alas, trying to force down the most defiant toddlers hand and an infant who wouldn't release her death grip made for this weak-sauce hand print of the 3 grand-kids in the shape of a heart. You see it, right?? Perhaps it would work better if we had pink paint or something.  Oh well, it is the thought that counts right? Always next year.

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