Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Winter Must Haves

Winter in Utah is soooo sooooo looooong! Like painfully and depressingly long.  I remember it snowed on Lorin and my graduation day....April 24th! And it also snowed that Halloween.  So, here are some of my winter must haves to make my (and my kids') winter bearable.
1. For chapped lips with a pretty tint  (get the scrub, too!) 2. To keep us warm and toasty similar  3. To remind me of my heritage (and the best hot chocolate we have ever had 4. To keep my cheeks nice, rosey and pretty 5. I know I am naturally tan but this makes me feel a little tanner and reminds me of my summer "glow" 6. To keep us moisturized (my kids have really sensitive skin) or you can use this- (I use it to cook, too!)  7. To help with the dryness of this state 8. To keep us entertained and in shape....and to laugh at each other's moves

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